About us

The history of the Azienda Agricola Vincenzi starts in the 1970s breeding Black Bullhead (Ameiurus Melas), continuing in the 80s with the Channel Catfish (Ictalurus Punctatus), in the 90s with the Hybrid Striped Bass and the Black Bass (Miropterus Salmoides) and from 2000 with the European Perch (Perca Fluviatilis). Currently, thanks to a costant desire of renew, the company is researching the possibility to introduce the breeding of the Zander (Sander Lucioperca).

The production takes place in several plants located in the Modena’s and Verona’s provinces, with the hatchery and prefattening in Massa Finalese at the historic plant of the company and the fattening in Isola della Scala, where some excellent spring and reservoir waters vouches for great breeding standards, assuring the best organoleptic qualities of the product and the animals’ health and welfare.

In addition to production, the company also process the fish in another plant located in Bovolone (Verona), where it is eviscerated, filleted, boxed and sold through wholesalers or large-scale retail trade (Azienda Agricola Vincenzi is the supplier of the hybrid striped bass for COOP, the largest supermarket chain in Italy).

In this way, Azienda Agricola Vincenzi targets recreational fishing and food market with a spirit of innovation, researching new breeding methods and species to treat, keeping – quoting COOP – the efficiency of a modern enterprise with an old shop style.